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My Medium Sized Business, Inc.

I originally began in Oakland, California with my gallery Expressions Art Gallery located at 815 Washington St., in 1996. Although a one hundred percent disabled, visually impaired Vietnam-era veteran, I relocated to Miami, Florida in 2005 to work as an Americorp Vista volunteer for the City of Miami, working with prison re-entry and homelessness programs. Additionally, I have traveled extensively for humanitarian efforts in China, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, and Cuba all while actively pursuing my passion to create, explore, and discover how to express the messages which dwell in my soul. While attending the Graduate Theological Union in Berkley, I had the opportunity to participate in a five week program excavating at Bethsida, Israel. The excavation was to look for a lost fishing village mentioned in the bible and to retrieve any data/artifacts. This experience led me to believe that I am a humble seeker, finding manna to feed those who seek the flavor of that which dwells within me.

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